EIS benefits to DSW Angels Investors

The important benefits of the government’s Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS) for investors to understand are:

  • 30% of amount invested deducted from personal income tax on qualifying investments
  • Capital Gains Tax exempt for disposals after three years
  • Loss relief available on personal income tax at the highest rate of tax paid
  • £1 million investment limit in any one tax year; £2 million limit into “Knowledge Intensive” companies

There are further benefits available under the SEIS scheme. Our preference for companies with revenue generating product and third-party customerusually means that SEIS allowance is no longer available on our investments. 

Investors should consult with appropriately qualified advisers when assessing suitability for investing in early stage businesses and the specific tax benefits available under the SEIS and EIS schemes. 

Our investor network is open to High-Net-Worth individuals, Sophisticated Investors, Family Offices and other institutional investors looking to commit a minimum of £3,000 per transaction.  

It is important to note that EIS qualification is not guaranteed by DSW Angels and eligibility is subject to changes in tax law; individual investors should consult a suitably qualified tax professional to advise them in the context of their personal circumstances. 

EIS qualification ends at exit, not on investment

There are many pitfalls that can disqualify a company’s EIS qualification during the lifetime of an investment.

HMRC’s guidance on EIS 

The DSW Angels investment team work closely with our portfolio companies and use specialist adviser team alongside many years of investment and corporate finance experience to maximise the likelihood of EIS qualification throughout the investment lifetime.

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